Men's Fitness - May 2010 Cover“I eat like a fifth grader. My wife looks at me and says, ‘I don’t how you don’t weigh 300 pounds.’ I used to be able to get into great shape within a month of taking on a new role, but no longer. So I met with nutritionist Derek Johnson. I already knew how to eat well, but Derek got me on these cleanses. Not the kind where you sip fluid with maple syrup or some crazy thing. These are two weeks, eliminating caffeine, sugar, alcohol. You have two protein shakes a day, a snack and one sensible meal. When you finish, you feel so good!”

Chris O’Donnell

Star of NCIS: Los Angeles

Gracefully Book Cover - DJ consulting nutritionist“Eight years ago I already had a very busy life and a full time career handling public relations for a world renowned golf resort when much to my surprise, and completely unexpectedly, I was recruited by a major San Francisco modeling agency. I loved my current job and did not want to give it up, so I made the decision to keep up with that while at the same time going on casting calls and photo shoots whenever I could fit them into my busy schedule. However, in order to do all of this, I knew I needed some extra help. I needed to build up my strength and stamina in order to be a success at both. I had heard such outstanding things about Derek Johnson and his company, New Metabolism, so I gave him a call. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned about how much a nutritionist and fitness expert can do for you… and that it can all be done remotely! Using metabolic nutrition to work out a personalized food program, supplementation and fitness plan, Derek designed a program that fit my life perfectly, and then he kept in close contact as we worked together to achieve my goals. The results were astounding! Derek is an extremely knowledgeable professional in his field. Using metabolic testing, and consulting with highly regarded doctors across the country, Derek does what most ‘nutrition experts’ do not. He has helped me to achieve the good health, energy and stamina I need to pursue my active life. Quite simply, he is the ultimate professional.”

Valerie Ramsey

Public Relations professional, author, speaker & model

“LOVE Derek! Can’t say enough fabulous things about him as a nutritionist and source of information for all things related to health, wellness and weight control/ loss. Also a fantastic person!”

Whitney Y., California (

“Derek is an amazing nutritionist!  His customized nutrition plan for me has gotten me back on track, has caused me to lose weight and body fat.  I was ready to start on cholesterol meds but Derek reversed that with natural supplements and a food program, designed for me, eating the foods I like.  I endorse and trust Derek 100%!”

Kathleen F., Michigan


“I had some very specific nutritional and healthy living goals when I came to Derek. In such, he created and tailored a specialized program to meet those specific goals and the results were fantastic. His program helped me to lose weight, gain energy, sleep better, and overall feel like a new man. I think what I appreciate most about Derek’s nutritional expertise and guidance is that he helps you implement a plan that revolves around your life, not the other way around. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. In fact, I have. Many of my friends and every single person in my immediate family uses him, all of whom are now happier and healthier. The guy is legit.”

Joey B., California(

“I hadn’t been sick, with a UTI or even a cold, since I started on your protocol last July.  I was scheduled for surgery last month, but had to go off most of the protocol for 7 days before the surgery.  On day 5, I got an infection! I had to reschedule the surgery and be on antibiotics until it happened to protect against infection.  Surgery was successful.  I went to the doctor a week later for a post-op check and he said, ‘I have rarely seen anyone walking so well a week after this surgery!’ Both incidents point to the efficacy of what I am doing nutritionally since we began working together. Appreciations!!!!”

Maureen S., California

 “Thanks to Derek, I am virtually migraine free! Before, I was a chronic migraine sufferer, averaging 3 to 4 migraines per week for over 25 years. Although the zolmitriptan medicines worked to ease the pain, they were expensive and I hated taking them as often as I had to. Under Derek’s care, I was given a series of allergy tests, which revealed the migraine triggers I needed to remove from my daily diet. I was also given the necessary supplements I needed. And because of those two things, I have had a significant (75%) decrease in the frequency and severity of my migraines. Once again, thank you Derek!”

Lindy P., Arizona(

“I have been with Derek for 5 years and I cannot begin to say enough about him. He was the first Nutrition specialist guru, and genuine person I had seen (and I had been to many experts) who helped me organically (no pun intended) make a life style change. Not only did I shed pounds and become informed about food, but, I became so inspired and felt so good that I decided to enroll in nutrition school myself! Thank you New Metabolism!”

Byron T., California (via Facebook)

“New Metabolism helped me sleep better, maintain energy throughout the day in addition to meeting my conditioning goals. Thanks for giving me my youth back!”

Chad L., California (

“I’ve been seeing Derek at New Metabolism for over two years and can say unequivocally, that if I hadn’t started seeing him, I would probably be dead or close to it. At the very least, I would be nowhere near as happy as I am today. I was given 2 free visits as a wedding gift, which is probably the BEST present I have ever received! On my first visit, I weighted around 400 pounds and my metabolism wasn’t functioning properly. Since then, I have lost nearly 70 pounds and counting and the weight has stayed off. I am healthier now than in the last 20 years. Derek has counseled and encouraged me to keep at it, and it is working! I try diligently to keep my food journal and eat as I should. But each day gets easier. I would recommend New Metabolism to any one who has health, weight, or stress issues. If you follow his suggestions it can only help! Derek keeps up-to-date on virtually every aspect of the nutritional world, and is able to answer all the crazy questions I throw at him.”

Bob L., California(


“Derek has helped me so much! It’s amazing to see all the ‘diets’ out there that work for a while, then you watch your friends gain the weight back instantly. Derek taught me a way of life, not a diet. He showed me what was good for me and, most importantly, why. I wouldn’t believe him at first about what kinds of things I would cut my cravings for. But not only did I nip those cravings in the bud, I’ve stayed off them for 3 years. You learn, you get healthy, you stay healthy.”

Sarah S., California (


“I have to admit, New Metabolism kinda changed my life. I came in last year in a bad state. Bloated and feeling fatigued and blah, I needed help and needed help bad.  I thought I would come in for some education on eating. Boy, did I get so much more than that. Derek Johnson is the Nutritionist at New Metabolism. He starts you off with a 9 week program complete with a full metabolic exam, blood sugar exam and so on. Once you take the exams, he figures out your deficiencies and puts you on a supplement plan if need be. Then each week, he checks everything from body fat percentage, your eating plan, your sleep and energy levels. Based on what you tell him, he adjusts the plan as necessary. It turned out I was suffering from high blood sugar, a big vitamin B deficiency, Seratonin deficiency and adrenal fatigue. And after a few months of taking different supplements, my life is like night and day. All my friends say I look better, I’m trimmer, I sleep like a baby and I don’t crash out after 1pm. I handle stress better and my mind feels a lot sharper. The 9 week package may be a bit pricey for some people but totally worth it. He is also extremely professional from the materials he produces, his advice and meetings. He’s extremely approachable and almost all of his clients are from positive word of mouth.  He is very organized and punctual and flexible to meet with you anywhere – in person, Skype, or the phone. He really cares about your health and is happy to answer any questions you may have. A year later I still check in with him almost monthly and I always come away from my appointments learning more than the last appointment.  If you’re looking for a legit nutritionist (not someone who hands you a bottle of fish oil supplements and sends you off), go see Derek. You will not be disappointed!”

Emily Y., California (


“I started working with Derek a little more than 2 years ago and it has been a great experience. He has a vast knowledge and a contagious excitement for making people healthy. As his client I started his program trying to lose weight. In the process I have now turned my attention to trying to live healthy. I have struggled as I got older with a faltering metabolism, depression, compulsive eating, hormonal imbalances and recently learned about adrenal fatigue. Derek has helped me though all of these obstacles, better than my physicians have in most cases. He has made recommendations from a dietary and supplement standpoint, but has also provided invaluable referrals to other healthcare providers. He is my first stop when I am not sure why my body is doing something, because of his incredible capacity to listen and evaluate and offer solutions, his never ending professionalism, and the optimism and support he offers. I would recommend anyone wanting a healthier body and healthier life, make New Metabolism your first stop.”

Maria O., California (


“Besides being very personable, Derek is a man of high integrity and moral value that seeks to better the lifestyle and overall health of his clients. Derek is extremely knowledgeable and well-read in his field. When I approached Derek he thoroughly researched my health history and provided a solution. He created a personal program that was designed for me and my specific needs. His advice and knowledge is incorporated into my daily lifestyle today… I have come to know well, as both client and friend. He is accessible, accountable, and responds to his client needs as quickly as possible. I have utilized Derek’s services on several occasions; for his expertise in nutrition, exercise, and overall health management.
I am never disappointed and highly recommend the services of Derek Johnson and his practice, New Metabolism!”

Carl S., California (

“I have known Derek for over thirteen years I have had the privilege of being able to use him as a valuable source for my business as well as my personal health. I am very confident that whomever gets the privilage to work with him will be very impressed with his work ethic. I have referred him in the past to many of my friends and clients and have received all positive feedback. I will continue to refer him and wish him all the success life has to offer.”

Zane K., California (

“Derek is a nutritional genius and TRULY cares about the health of his clients.”

Jillian S., California (via

“Derek is the first nutritionist I have worked with that really understands nutrition, your body’s metabolism and how to achieve real health. For the first time I feel like I am on the right path toward optimum health.”

Austin G., California (via Facebook)

“I start with Derek a month and a week ago and I already lost 8 pounds of body fat!!!! It’s amazing I finally know how to combine food.Thank you Derek for making me look amazing! Lot of people are telling me this … Woo Hooooo!”

Giovanna, California (via Facebook)