New Metabolism Cleanse Product Information

This cleanse won’t leave you starving or lacking energy.  The 14-day, New Metabolism Cleanse consists of physician-grade, high-quality ingredients! Each day, you’ll have 2 meal replacement shakes using your PURIFY+ packets, 2 SUPPORT capsule packets, 1 real-food meal, 1-2 snacks and 2-3 capsules of MagEase every night – it’s everything you’ll need to properly and healthily cleanse your body.**

Eating “clean” is essential to this program. Yes, you read that right – on this cleanse, you’ll enjoy two delicious shakes, one real food meal and one/two snacks each day. There are strict guidelines to follow when it comes to what foods are allowed, but you’ll get the hang of it, we promise! Working out is key to achieving the results this cleanse can provide. Sweating is a fantastic way to expel toxins so be prepared to get your workout on!

The New Metabolism CLEANSE keeps it simple. 

  • 28 PURIFY+ drink mix packets for easy inclusion into your shakes! No more measuring the right amount of powders – it’s already done for you!
  • 28 SUPPORT capsule packets ready to provide you with all the supplementation you need to cleanse optimally!**
  • 1 MagEase bottle (2-3 capsules) for nightly, dual action support to promote sound sleep and bowel regularity.**
  • 1 comprehensive New Metabolism Cleanse Guide that features sample menu plans, healthy snacks, shake recipes, expert nutrition tips – all to help you rock this cleanse!
  • Email support throughout your cleanse program.
  • 1 15-minute call* with nutritionist Derek Johnson – upon completion of the cleanse to help you transition back to normal healthy eating and to maintain results you might experience. (*is optional – must be booked at least a week in advance through Lisa via



*All New Metabolism Cleanse products are physician-grade, uniquely formulated by Designs for Health, Inc. and manufactured in a NSF GMP registered facility. *The statements, opinion and nutritional advice provided by NewMetabolib, Inc. have not been.evaluated by the FDA. New Metabolism, Inc. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.