New Metabolism Cleanse

“Your body needs a break from the toxic world we live in and the stress we put on our bodies every day,” says Derek Johnson, celebrity holistic nutritionist and creator of the New Metabolism Cleanse. “Making the commitment to cleanse your body a few times a year is beneficial to your overall health. A great aftereffect is that by the end of this 14-day cleanse, you will be motivated to continue eating clean and healthy, exercise consistently and to give your body the rest it needs to repair.”

What is the New Metabolism Cleanse?

The New Metabolism Cleanse is a simple and effective 14-day cleanse that will give you a jump-start on your health and wellness routine. This is not a maple syrup/cayenne pepper/honey-type of cleanse your body trickery that doesn’t provide sustainable results. To truly detoxify, your body doesn’t need to starve – it needs support and nutrients that help expel the toxins and bring your body back into balance.

This cleanse won’t leave you starving or lacking energy. Each day, you’ll have 2 meal replacement shakes using your Purify+ packets, 2 Support capsule packets, 1 real-food meal, 1-2 snacks plus 2-3 capsules of MagEase nightly – it’s everything you’ll need to properly and healthily cleanse your body.** Eating “clean” is essential to this program. Yes, you read that right – on this cleanse, you’ll enjoy two delicious shakes, one real food meal and one/two snacks each day. There are strict guidelines to follow when it comes to what foods are allowed, but you’ll get the hang of it, we promise! Working out is key to achieving the results this cleanse can provide. Sweating is a fantastic way to expel toxins so be prepared to get your workout on!

Hollywood stars like Chris O’Donnell, Jim Belushi, Craig T. Nelson, Michelle Williams and many others have all experienced great results with this cleanse. If they can make the commitment to cleanse your body, so can you! Read more here.