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We are an integrative and holistic nutrition practice that makes eating healthy simple and manageable for people across the country. This isn’t a diet we’re providing, it’s a healthier lifestyle change we are encouraging! After all, you are unique and deserve personalized care to achieve your wellness goals to eat healthy, lose weight, have a body that functions properly, get into great shape and be able to maintain it long-term!

Hollywood stars like Chris O’ Donnell, Melissa Joan Hart, Craig T. Nelson, Michelle Williams, Michael Chicklis, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman and many others have experienced great results with New Metabolism.



New Metabolism Cleanse

Your body needs a break from the toxic world we live in and the stress we put on our bodies every day,” says Derek Johnson, nutritionist and creator of the New Metabolism Cleanse.

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Derek Johnson Nutrition

We offer a variety of programs and services to fit your nutrition needs. Unlike diets that yield unsustainable results and have unrealistic rules, we offer a new lifestyle approach that is unique to your body and how it functions.

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Biggest Loser Resorts

Derek Johnson is Executive Nutrition Director of the Biggest Loser Resorts, an award-winning weight loss and fitness destination that brings balance into your life through exercise, nutrition, education and relaxation..

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